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Handling baggage with care

With experience across all domains, we can handle containerized or non-containerized aircraft with equal ease. As part of the AAS family, respect for staff members within the team, airline staff and airport authorities means your baggage is always treated with the utmost care and with a personal touch. Because we are a small ground services company, we can go the extra mile to ensure that your baggage is sorted the way you want it.

Key Baggage Sorting Services

  • Baggage sorting
  • Baggage transportation
  • BRTS
  • ULD control
  • Crew baggage handling

How can we help you?

Please contact our Station Control Officer on duty:
Duty hours: Daily 04:30 – 23:00

Please note: These services are for airlines. If you are a passenger looking for lost baggage or a misplaced item, please contact Lost & Found.