A small team dedicated to ensuring 100% client satisfaction

Ready to meet your needs, landside or airside

AAS offers the full range of ground handling services tailored to the individual customer needs. Flexibility and fast implementation is the key to our volatile and costly business and we are well set to fulfill the individual airline's changing requirements. You can count on us being a strong and reliable Ground Handling partner.

Landside Services Team

  • Passenger Services
    The team of our experienced Customer Service Managers is happy to assist, whether you are a customer airline with special needs, a tour operator, or a passenger looking for a lost bag, the check-in desk, or even what time to get to the airport.

Airside Services

  • Station & Load Control
    Have a short-term aircraft change? Need an air starter? Need airport information for your crew personnel or any other information or support regarding your turnaround at Zürich airport? Our station control officer is always ready to support you.

  • Ramp Services
    Ground time costs money. Whether loading, GPU and pushback, cleaning, or water and toilet services, we specialize in quick turnaround times for our customers, so you can get back in the air as fast as possible.

  • Baggage Sorting Services
    Sorting baggage the way our customer wants it to be sorted, in priority, short connection or transfer baggage. In all of our work, we treat team members, partners—and most importantly, baggage—with respect.