The Counter

Every day, our family of employees finds new ways to enjoy helping our customers

Behind the counter

In today's fast-moving and often impersonal world, both passengers and clients are finding themselves increasingly lost in the shuffle.

As one of the fastest growing small baggage handlers in Switzerland, we take great pride in working in close proximity with both our clients and our customers. With our small and dedicated teams, we are able to personally address many of the concerns that both clients and passengers have.

We invite you to join us and take a look behind the scenes and meet some of the people involved in our six stories. Far from being out of the ordinary, this is every day life behind the counter at AAS.

A Smile a day...

One of the best parts of my job is seeing the smile on a face of a client. This tells me that we have done our job well.

Dieter Streuli, CEO AAS

Delivering the Goods

Flexibility isn't just about being fast